Individual Raspberry and White Chocolate Cheesecakes

Raspberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake


These cheesecakes are so simple: no bake, not too many ingredients, set in cupcake cases for single serves and can also be frozen.  You can also make it in a 20cm round springform pan if you want just one large one.








1 box Oreo cookies (the box of three packets)

70g melted butter

250g (one pack) cream cheese

250g white chocolate

2tsp vanilla extract

2Tbsp icing sugar

3/4 cup cream


For the bases, crush Oreos into crumbs in a food processor.  Mix with melted butter and divide between 12 regular cupcake cases in a cupcake pan.  Press down firmly with a spoon to flatten.

For the cheesecake, beat cream cheese in a mixer until smooth.

Melt white chocolate in short bursts in the microwave.  Add to the cream cheese and beat again until combined.

Add icing sugar, vanilla and cream. Beat again until all incorporated.  I used a whisk attachment for this as it makes it nice and light.

Divide mixture between the cupcake cases, smoothing the top.  Chill for at least a few hours, when they’re set the cupcake cases will come away easily and cleanly.

Top with fresh or frozen raspberries before serving.  Alternatively, you could fold raspberries into the mix before putting in the cases.


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4 thoughts on “Individual Raspberry and White Chocolate Cheesecakes

  1. melissalosesit

    These look amazingly easy and good! I will be trying these out when I next need to do a fancy but easy dessert 😀

  2. Om nom nom. Just to clarify, when crushing the oreos does this include the icing between the biscuits?

      1. Awesome, super easy! Off to the shops for ingredients now :-)

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