How To: Coloured Ganache Drip

How to: Coloured Ganache Drip

Of course you’ve seen them around!  Ganache drip cakes have been the 2015/2016 trend and I’m not seeing them go away anytime soon.  The beauty with them is that they’re quick, effective and eye-catching.

Lots of people have their own way of perfecting this method, but I’ve made a quick video of my own including a recipe which would be enough for an 8″ round cake.  My handy tool for both the drips and the top means no messy smears from a spatula and a perfectly level top.

An important step: chill your cake before dripping your ganache.  I didn’t have room in my fridge to do this for the below cake, so my drips were slightly more drippy than I was going for, but the beauty of this method is that there is no right or wrong.



Tools used:

Americolor gel colouring – I used regal purple for the ganache, and soft pink for the buttercream

Plastic squeeze bottle


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