Trend Alert: Marble Look Cakes

Marble Cake with Peonies

Welcome to our new blog category!

Trend Alert: we’ll be posting brilliant cakes with different themes, because who doesn’t love looking at beautiful cakes and getting inspired.

This weeks theme is marble.  All pictures have been attributed to their makers, alongside their social media pages if you love their work and want to see more.






1. Light marble and giant flowers

Made by Sweet Bakes, this caught my eye because of my love of peonies and the subtle marble colour.

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Marble Cake with Peonies


2. Chocolate Marbled Panels

If you’re good at tempering chocolate, this might be an easy alternative to fondant covering.  Swirled marble panels surround this square tiered cake, I love the slight bit of warmth from the brown colour.  Chocolate panels by Chocolate Edition

Square Marble Cake


3.  Rich Purple with marble tier

This cake by Crummb jumped out to me with that rich dark purple tier.  Simple flowers, a bold colour and a beautiful pattern, you can’t go too far wrong!  Follow on Facebook

Purple Marble Cake


4.  Marble and geometric

With the blue/purple tones this cake by The Cake Whisperer almost looks like a watercolour cake, and the metallic geometric patterns add extra excitement to an otherwise soft look.  Follow The Cake Whisperer on Instagram

Marble Cake with Geometric Pattern


5.  Marble and Copper

It’s a fimilar pairing, and for good reason!  This cake is a beauty, so many textures and the metallic copper really stands out against the subtle marble.  Cake is listed as by Centerpiece Cakes, but the website is invalid.

Marble and Copper


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