How to: Cover a Cake in Sprinkles

How to cover a cake in sprinkles

Here’s a quick video we’ve put together about covering a cake in sprinkles.

I’ve seen the ‘pressing the sprinkles on’ method, and I could just imagine the mess! So I figured this method, where the sprinkles stay flat on the bench until they’re stuck on the buttercream would be much less messy. I had a lot of warnings about sprinkles everywhere, but I can honestly say I’m not sure any even got on the floor!

Just a couple of notes:

Make sure your cake is chilled firm so you can easily lift it between two cake boards without it losing it’s shape.

When you’re rolling the cake, ensure you keep moving the sprinkles around to cover any bare spots on the tray. If you roll your buttercream straight onto the tray where there is a bare patch, the buttercream will stick and come off.

Sprinkle cakes are very forgiving! You can easily hide any mistakes.

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