Coloured Bubble Wrap Chocolate

Bubble Wrap Chocolate

Using bubble wrap to mould chocolate is not a new thing, but after making a couple of cakes and loving the extra texture, I realised a bit of gold flicked over it wasn’t enough for me… I mean, it’s good but I wanted some colour!  I love the pastel coloured, marbled chocolate bark with sprinkles and I wondered if I could re-create that with some added texture.

I had a look around and couldn’t see anyone else making colourful bubble wrap chocolate so it was time to give it a go!  This would be a great alternative to the trendy chocolate sails and shards we are seeing at the moment, and of course, you can change the colours to suit.


Chocolate Bubble Wrap
                   It’s good, but needs more colour!


It’s fairly self explanatory, but here are some things you need to know:

Use chocolate melts or real chocolate, but remember that you will need to temper real chocolate!

Ideally, use a specific chocolate colouring.  There are a few out there, you can see what we have available by clicking here.  It appears you can sometimes get away with regular gel colouring in small amounts BUT it may also make your chocolate seize so the risk is on you!

As an aside, I tried to do a marble look but dotting chocolate around and swirling it together.  This does not work with bubble wrap as there isn’t a flat surface to get a good mix.

For added texture, spread your chocolate thin so you end up with a holey honeycomb look instead of a solid piece.  To do this, you want to be able to see the bubbles in the bubble wrap poking through the top when your chocolate is on it.

Here is a quick demo:

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